Dr. Richard Samuels

Dr. Richard Samuels, Arizona based expert psychological witness in the Jodi Arias trial, is no longer allowed to operate as a psychologist due to an “ethics charge” that was brought against him several years ago.

Dr. Samuels was fined in a custody case in which he was unethical. Why is he permitted to testify in this case since he is no longer eligible to practice psychology?

In an administrative action filed with the New Jersey Board of Psychological Examiners, Dr. Richard Samuels, currently of Scottsdale AZ, was fined $2500.00 in 2000 due to a conflict of interest for his involvement in a child custody lawsuit, (as reported on Nancy Grace.)

Samuels bartered dental services from the father in exchange for “psychotherapeutic services”. The doctor proceeded to testify in behalf of the father without even interviewing the child’s mother. The Board also ordered Samuels to complete continuing education courses on ethics and boundaries issues, (I could not find confirmation that Samuel’s license was revoked but he did give up his private practice.)

According to Dr. Samuels listings, he was licensed in NJ in 1975, (#S 101060), and in the state of Arizona in 1989, (#3043). He is practicing as a Clinical and Forensic Psychologist out of Scottsdale, AZ.

I did find it interesting that Dr. Samuels website states the following, “With an extensive background in evaluation, analysis report writing and testimony, Dr. Samuels specializes in Sexually Violent Perpetrator evaluations, Psychosexual Risk Assessment…for Defendants and Emotional Trauma from Medical Malpractice for Defendants and Plaintiffs. ” “…He will determine the facts of the case and any special circumstances and mitigating factors involving the trial process. An extensive evaluation of the respondent, in depth case analysis and research contributes to a succinct report which often will result in a more favorable outcome for your client…”

Incidentally, defense attorney Kirk Nurmi’s website makes the following declaration, “I can provide you with aggressive representation against any accusation that you committed a sexual offense…” Nurmi’s practice is located in Phoenix, AZ, (21 minutes from Scottsdale). I find it fascinating that the two gentlemen specialize in the same field, are located 21 minutes from each other and now Samuels just happens to be the “expert” testifying for the defense, (attorney Nurmi), in the Jodi Arias trial.

I hope the “good doctor’s” previous ethics violations are brought to the attention of Prosecutor Juan Martinez and/or his staff. Dr. Richard Samuel’s history should be thoroughly researched prior to his cross examination.


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